Documents Served within Australia

Terms and Conditions

Terms for Australian service outlined below. Click here for International services.

  • Min fee of the issued quote is payable in Advance (unless an existing account holder)
  • Printing fees can vary depending on area and state, ranging from $0.275c to $0.55c  per page for B&W
  • Weight of document is under 350g – Additional costs are applicable for oversize documents.
  • Any Conduct Money with a Subpoena must be paid with the instructions. This cheque is to be payable to the required Witness (Not Nautilus)
  • Fees quoted are based on NON URGENT with sufficient time (min 7 days after receipt) to complete service, affidavit and return by standard mail.
  • Fees are payable PER ADDRESS and PER DEFENDANT unless otherwise agreed by Nautilus. If documents are served at the same time only a nominal fee is charged for additional defendant ($55.00)
  • Should our agent find that the respondent has left the given address and located a new address, the agent will attend the new address in order to serve your document. An additional fee will automatically be applicable for the new address. If you do not want the agent to attend any new address you must advise Nautilus in the original instructions.
  • Additional fees are payable prior to the return of any affidavit. (unless an account holder)
  • URGENT documents will incur an additional fee. If service is required in less than 7 days you must advise Nautilus of this urgency. An additional fee is most likely required to cover additional express postage etc. Contact Nautilus for possible charges in this matter. Urgent fees in general are an additional 50% minimal fee.
  • You can expect approx $15.00 in Express Postage Fees for country and interstate services.
  • Documents and legality of the documents is the sole responsibility of the issuer i.e.: Solicitor, Plaintiff and/or its Collection Agent etc. We accept no responsibility for incomplete, inaccurate, or any errors in documents. This includes Form 1 – 4 which may be applicable for interstate services.
  • STRICTLY NO REFUND, once the file is issued from our office, and is given to our agent the fee is incurred.
  • Our agent will NOT under any circumstance knowingly break the law.
  • Our agent will NOT under any circumstance in danger him/herself to serve a document.
  • If you or your client has any knowledge of possible danger to our agent, it is your obligation to advise our office with instructions.
  • If the document cannot be served due to a threat of violence, or the area is too dangerous to travel in, the agent will attempt to seek instructions from our office for alternative service. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all information is provided to our office, this includes but not limited to any previous acts or threats of violence, threats to the Applicant/Plaintiff.
  • Our agent will make every effort to serve the required documentation, however we are unable to make any guarantee.
  • Affidavits of attempt will be provided if required.
  • The fee will normally cover up to 4 attempts in local areas, 3 attempts interstate and 2-3 in Country Areas. Remote areas however may be charged and ‘Per Visit’. This however will be advised in your quote.
  • By forwarding documentation to our office, you accept terms and conditions and costs.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Account Holders – Invoices are payable within 14 days of month end statements. Payments not received within 30 days of month end, an administration fee of $11.00 per invoice, per month may be charged. This is at the discretion of our firm.
  • Payments exceeding 90 days will result in these fees being charged per month / per invoice
  • This site is not designed to provide any type of legal advice. For any legal assistance please contact your Lawyer