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Serving divorce and family documents

To assist us in service, below is a CHECK LIST before sending the document

  1. We require a Stamped Copy (RED Stamp from the court) for service – Efile Documents also accepted
  2. Please note your Application for Divorce document needs to be served 28 days prior to the hearing date. If this time has already lapsed you may need to contact the court for a new date.
    It is recommended you have a six (6) week period prior to the hearing.
    Note: Orders, Final Orders, Applications etc are not under this strict guideline.
    If you are unsure please contact Nautilus – 02 9629 9775
  3. Please ensure the address for service is clearly noted
  4. Please ensure your Name, Phone, Email and return address are provided
  5. If possible please supply a PHOTO of the respondent
  6. Payment is accepted by:
    Direct Deposit, Visa, MasterCard, Cheque or Money Order.
    A paid invoice will be returned after completion of your service.
  7. Email your documents to [email protected]
  8. Post your Documents to:
    Nautilus Investigations
    P.O. BOX 417
  9. Email to [email protected]   (Printing fee of $0.33c per page will be applicable)